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Ramadan Groceries 2020 / 1441H



HezomXpress is an online store with its outlet at Blk 9008 Tampines St 93 #01-11 S(528843) behind SAFRA Tampines. Come check out our store for varieties of Halal food and snacks.

Ends: May 17, 2020

Package Details


Project Status: Closed

No. of packages sponsored: 624

No. of packages distributed: 624

Above information is updated on 27th of May 2020.

If you still wish to sponsor Groceries to the needy after Ramadan, we have an on-going Infaq Groceries Campaign. Go to https://infaq.sg/infaq/35 to find out more.

There are many underprivileged low-income families in Singapore that need assistance during the month of Ramadan. Our Ramadan Grocery Project aims to ease their financial struggles by helping them with their basic monthly necessities and helping them to spend this Ramadan with ease.

The Muslims are also reminded to be generous and to increase their charitable activities during this month. Among the doors that Allah has opened for us to receive great rewards, is the gift of Ramadan.

Prophet s.a.w. mentioned:

"Whoever gives Iftar to one who is fasting will have a reward like his, without that detracting from the fasting person's reward in the slightest.”

(Hadith Tirmidhi)

Ramadan Groceries package
Basmati Rice 1kg
Cooking Oil 2 litres
Sugar 1kg
Salt 1 packet
Babas curry 500gm 1 packet
Evaporated Milk 1 tin
Condensed Milk 1 tin
Ketupat Instant 1 packet
Kuih Raya 1 bottle
Rempeyek 1 tin

Each package is suitable for 1 month for small family of 4pax.

How to Infaq/Contribute? | FAQs

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  1. Select your preferred package & quantity

  2. Click on "Register" button

  3. Fill up the simple form as required

  4. You will receive an email on the payment methods:

    1. By PayNow

    2. By Bank Transfer

    3. By Paypal / Debit card / Cerdit card

    4. By Cheque

*Banking and admin fees are included.


Qn: Do you have PayNow?
Ans: Yes. We will need you to register and fill up a simple form. You will receive an email containing the various payment methods, including PayNow.

Qn: Will i get an acknowledgement after i register and make payment?
Ans: Yes.
  • For PayPal, you will get a confirmation email after your Paypal transaction is successful.

  • For PayNow and Bank Transfers, please reply to the registration email (Email subject is: [Infaq.SG - Infaq] (#Infaq70-XXXXX-XXXXXXXX) Ramadan Groceries 2020 / 1441H )) with the screenshot of the transfer transaction so that we can update our system and send you the confirmation email. Please ensure that the screenshot contains the UEN/Recipient's bank account number and amount.

  • For cheques, we will send you the confirmation email once the cheque is cleared.

Qn: I've made payment via PayNow and Bank Transfers. I have not received the confirmation email. Why?
Ans: Have you replied to the registration email (Email subject is: [Infaq.SG - Infaq] (#Infaq70-XXXXX-XXXXXXXX) Ramadan Groceries 2020 / 1441H )) with the bank transfer screenshot?
  • If no, please email so we can update the system & send you the confirmation email.

  • If yes, Thank you. We will update & send you the confirmation email.

Do give us a few working days due to overwhelming response. We apologise for the longer than normal response.

We are open from 9.30am to 5.30pm Mon to Fri excluding public holidays.

Qn: What is my registration id?
Ans: Your registration id is in this format Infaq70-XXXXX-XXXXXXXX. You can get this information in the registration email.

Qn: After i register, will it be delivered to my house? Do i need to deliver the groceries to the needy families myself?
Ans: No. It will not be delivered to your house. Our partner will deliver to the needy families.

This project is organized by HEZOM XPRESS PTE LTD. Marketing and administration by ISGN Pte Ltd.

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Ramadan Groceries
17 May 2020SGD 78Closed

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