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Ramadan Ready To Eat Meals 2020


Free Food For All

Free Food for All (FFFA) is a strictly non-profit private initiative to feed the less fortunate, regardless of race or religion. We are a registered Charity UEN No : 201503391Z We chose hunger as our main priority as food is a basic human need...

Ends: May 17, 2020

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Project Status: Closed

No. of Ramadan Ready To Eat Meals sponsored: 793

Above information is updated on 27th of May 2020.


Below are the distribution photos of some of the beneficiaries.

Ramadan Ready To Eat Meals 2020 - Distribution

The Messenger of Allah S.A.W said:

"Whoever provides the food for a fasting person to break his fast with, then for him is the same reward as his (the fasting person's), without anything being diminished from the reward of the fasting person."
- Narrated by At-Tirmidhi

During Ramadan, most providers are keen on delivering cooked meals for Iftar. It will have a 4 hour shelf life and needs to be consumed immediately. Food wastage is rather high. Delivery of Groceries means items need to be cooked and not many of the elderlies have the capacity to do so.

Advantages of Ramadan Ready to Eat (RTE)

  • High Shelf Life

  • Can eat anytime they wish. If they don't consume during Ramadan, they can consume in future months. Option to eat for Iftar or Sahoor ( pre dawn meal)

  • A suitable solution to ensure that food is available for consumption at any time. Residents will not be left in a position where they are kept waiting for their daily meals as logistics can be a nightmare.

  • No Refrigeration Needed. If Microwave is not available, then RTE can be heated over pan.

  • Low lead time. Meals ready in under 2 minutes.

  • Single Serve Portions suitable for large eaters. For small eaters, portions can be rationed to their appetite level and balance can be kept in fridge.

  • ZERO or minimal Food Waste

Our Ready to Eat Meals comes in a set of 20 Items
Rice with Lentils x 2
Garlic Fried Rice x 2
Veg Bryani x 2
Lemak Lodeh x 1
Mushroom Potatoes Stroganoff x 1
Channa Dhal x 2
Yellow Dhal x 2
Sambal Sotong x 1
Chicken Rice x 1
Chicken Porridge x 2
Fruit Bars x 4

The price already includes the cost of home delivery. Each set is suitable for 1 person for 2 weeks.

Disclaimers :

1. We reserve the right to replace the individual items with similar value.

2. Example fruit bars may be changed to dates

3. Estimated time for distribution : Onset of Ramadan

Insyallah we would like to target to distribute to 1000 Registered Beneficiaries across Singapore.


  1. Low Income staying in Rental Units

  2. Elderly

  3. Non Ambulant / Long Term Care

  4. Zero or Minimum Family Support

  5. From Current Database or through VWO / FSC / SSO partnerships.

Why the Premium Meals?

Because we should give to others what we want for ourselves. They have to be more then just practical and healthy, they have to be palatable. All pouches has a shelf life of 1 year however they are designed for an average 18 months storage at ambient temperature.

How to Infaq/Contribute? | FAQs

If you wish to contribute to our other Ramadan Projects, see below:

Dormitories Ramadan Meals Project 2020

Ramadan Groceries 2020


  1. Select your preferred package & quantity

  2. Click on "Register" button

  3. Fill up the simple form as required

  4. You will receive an email on the payment methods:

    1. By PayNow

    2. By Bank Transfer

    3. By Cheque


Qn: Do you have PayNow?
Ans: Yes. We will need you to register and fill up a simple form. You will receive an email containing the various payment methods, including PayNow.

Qn: Will i get an acknowledgement after i register and make payment?
Ans: Yes.
  • For PayPal, you will get a confirmation email after your Paypal transaction is successful.

  • For PayNow and Bank Transfers, please reply to the registration email (Email subject is: [Infaq.SG - Infaq] (#Infaq69-XXXXX-XXXXXXXX) Ramadan Ready To Eat Meals 2020 )) with the screenshot of the transfer transaction so that we can update our system and send you the confirmation email. Please ensure that the screenshot contains the UEN/Recipient's bank account number and amount.

  • For cheques, we will send you the confirmation email once the cheque is cleared.

Qn: I've made payment via PayNow and Bank Transfers. I have not received the confirmation email. Why?
Ans: Have you replied to the registration email (Email subject is: [Infaq.SG - Infaq] (#Infaq69-XXXXX-XXXXXXXX) Ramadan Ready To Eat Meals 2020 )) with the bank transfer screenshot?
  • If no, please email so we can update the system & send you the confirmation email.

  • If yes, Thank you. We will update & send you the confirmation email.

Do give us a few working days due to overwhelming response. We apologise for the longer than normal response.

We are open from 9.30am to 5.30pm Mon to Fri excluding public holidays.

Qn: What is my registration id?
Ans: Your registration id is in this format Infaq69-XXXXX-XXXXXXXX. You can get this information in the registration email.

Qn: After i register, will it be delivered to my house? Do i need to deliver the meals to the needy families myself?
Ans: No. It will not be delivered to your house. Our partner will deliver to the needy families.

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