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Darrasa's Special-Needs Education



The founders of Darrasa are educators who have been teaching for more than 20 years. The love and joy in seeing children they worked with achieving success, based on their own individual measures, spurs the founders to set up Darrasa. Darrasa means ...

Ends: December 31, 2023

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Project Status: Ongoing

Amount raised: $32,501

Still require: $111,498

Above information is updated on 29th of November 2023.

We, Darrasa, channel our focus to help children and families in the community, especially children from underprivileged families and children with special needs.

We help underprivileged families and children by giving affordable tuition for the children. We are also helping families of children with special educational needs by connecting them to therapists and get affordable therapy sessions.

In some cases, with contributions from kind donors and sponsors, Darrasa is able to give free tuition and therapy sessions to families who are really struggling financially by paying the therapists and tutors on behalf of the families.

We have more requests from families to assist them financially for therapy sessions and tuition sessions and we would like to see the children continue getting the help that they deserve.

We are looking for more funds to continue this cause. No amount will be too small in the quest to allow children to continue learning.

Darrasa's founders believe that Darrasa can be a catalyst to remind others of kindness and be an avenue for people to 'pay it forward'. All it takes is one kind act. All it takes is a helping hand. Darrasa is set up for families and students, by the 'students' of life, and with the help of other 'students' who wants to make an impact and to help.

The target is $144,000.

Below are the packages that Darrasa offers:

  • SPED Support (Learning Difficulties e.g. Dyslexia, Dyscalculia, ADD/ADHD, ASD, Asperger's, Cerebral Palsy, Down Syndrome) - Our Allied Educators (SPED trained tutors/therapists) will work on academic using differentiated instruction at child's level plus working on developmental domain (memory building, social communication, social interaction, attention development).

  • Therapy (Speech/Occupational/Behavior) - Qualified Therapists will work with child and parents to address developmental gaps and concerns present in child to function better in different settings and contexts.

  • Tutoring - Our tutors will go and teach/coach child (at the child's home) academics based on subjects that parents requested.

During the SPED Support and Therapy sessions, different equipment and materials are usually needed to work with the child effectively. Parents will be engaged too so that they will also know on how to engage and work with their child.

Click here to view Darrasa's website: https://darrasa.org/

Your sponsorship comes as a source of great value. May you receive the additional blessings from Allah for the generosity and kindness.

Packages available
Sponsor $10
Sponsor $20
Sponsor $50
Sponsor $100
Sponsor $500

All are welcome to contribute! :)


[December 2022] Isa (pseudonym) is a 5 years old boy. He has short attention span and need lots of guidance on his fine motor and his visual learning. Isa currently stays with parents; he needs clear routines and consistency in managing behaviour. Parents are grateful that Darrasa provides subsidies to Isa's fees so that they can better manage their finances and assisting their aged parents.

[December 2022] Nima (pseudonym) is not shown here. She is 12 years old with intellectual disability. She is in Meta school. Father is soul breadwinner has difficulty in counting 2-digit numbers and unable to retain memory. Also, she has to receive consistent support for her daily reading and understanding.

[December 2022] Luqman (pseudonym) is a 5-year-old boy. He is non-verbal, moderate autism. He is averse to unfamiliar texture and have difficulty in completing table activity on time. Luqman currently stays with his parents and need consistency in routines. Both parents are low-income earners and have other toddlers under their care too.

Osman (pseudonym) is a 5-year-old boy with ASD. He is non-verbal and has had issues in communicating with others. Through the sessions, Osman had gained confidence and trust in the therapist by showing better joint attention and reciprocal communication.

Eyan (pseudonym) is a 4-year old boy, suspected of ASD, and has just enrolled in EIPIC this year. Previously, he had issues in doing work with teacher and following routines in classroom. After the interventions, he is coping better in doing expected tasks and work with teachers and classmates. Eyan is verbal but not communicating for interaction yet. Eyan still needs continuous therapy to work on the interaction and communication domain. Eyan's mother Is the main breadwinner for his family now since his father was involved in a workplace accident.

Elsa (pseudonym) is a 2-year old girl who is currently not attending school or kindergarten. She is non-verbal and has issues playing with others. With the weekly interventions, parents have shared that Elsa is much more receptive to playing with others and following instructions. Parents are hoping that Elsa will be able to continue her subsidised sessions until she is ready to go to a preschool.

Nika (pseudonym) is a 6 years old boy waiting to be accepted in a SPED (Special Education) school. He has issues managing his behaviour when he's upset and he needs more guidance in interacting with peers and others. Nika currently stays with grandparents and parents; he needs clear routines and consistency in managing behaviour. Parents are grateful that Darrasa provides subsidies to Nika's fees so that they can better manage their finances and continue to have regular sessions.

Charlie (pseudonym) is a 10 years old boy in a special education school in Singapore. He has autism and he has difficulties in English language. Sessions are now focused on building up his grammar and vocabulary foundations. Reading Comprehension is also being worked on; he needs to be taught to slow down and read the text properly before giving the answer.

Dina (pseudonym) is a 10 years old girl in a mainstream school in Singapore. She faces challenges learning Maths and her parent (single mother) is not able to afford expensive tuition fees. Darrasa reached out to her family and is now teaching her weekly online via Zoom, so that fees will be cheaper.

Oscar (pseudonym) is a 12 year old boy in a SPED school in Singapore. He has ASD and faces challenges in language use during exams. He still needs to have more exposure to different text-types and as lacks a lot of experience (like playing competitive games or celebrating major birthday party) his vocabulary range is really limited.

Kel (pseudonym) is a 6 years old boy, suspected of ADHD. Mum is single-parent. He has a short attention span and fidgets around a lot. Kel needs tasks to be broken down into smaller pieces for him to be able to do work properly. He needs motivation in reading.
His progress (Apr-2021) - Kel is improving in his reading. But he is still impulsive and needs a lot of reminders to finish his task. He is able to write and do more worksheets but his tasks need to be broken down into smaller parts for completion.
His progress (May-2021) - Kel has improved in terms of reading and answering questions for English. He's able to slow down and answer properly. But he still has issues with sitting and doing his work properly. Parents decide to stop sessions with Darrasa for now so that they can focus on sending him to behavioral therapy.

Rita (pseudonym) is an 11 years old girl who shows difficulty in understanding and comprehending Maths concepts and problems. She presents as someone who has dyscalculia (difficulties in Maths). She scored really badly for her P5 Maths exam and will now take P6 Foundation Maths for PSLE. She has been rejected by tutors and teachers who do not know how to work with her previously. Her confidence and self-esteem is low as a result.
Her progress (Jan-2021) - She gained confidence in doing her work and is very receptive during lessons. Parents have also reported that she seems happier to learn and looks forward to sessions with Darrasa.
Her progress (Apr-2021) - She is still working hard and she is trying her best to overcome her difficulties in understanding the Maths word problems.

Zack (pseudonym) is a 6 years old boy with ASD. He is currently waiting to get into a special school. He has transitioning issues when separated from mother and he needs help in addressing this behaviour. He needs regular and consistent educational therapy sessions to aid in his learning, social communication, social interaction and work behavior skills.
His progress (Jan-2021) - With consistency in routine and support, Zack has improved considerably. Though he still has transitioning issues, the intensity and duration of his behaviour has reduced and led to faster transitioning to new places and school. His handwriting has improved and from the last check-up with psychologist, they remarked that his fine motor and basic writing skills have improved. Well done Zack!
His progress (Mar-2021) - He is reading better and doing numbers to 100 now.
His progress (Apr-2021) - Zack is writing better although he still does not have the endurance to write for long. Zack needs to work in short periods and is working on reducing his echolalia.
His progress (May-2021) - Zack is now more aware of the work that needs to be done and he is very selective now. He displays more frequent short attention span and needs motivators and variety of work to engage him in the sessions.

Ben (pseudonym) is a 5 years old boy with ASD. He has a short attention span and fidgets around a lot. He needs clear structure in working and though he can decode words and express them, he has issues comprehending the meaning of the words.
His progress (Jan-2021) - Ben has improved on his work system behaviour and is now more receptive to reading and learning. He is doing better with following and listening to instructions too.

Isaac (pseudonym) is a 5 years old boy who shows difficulty in speech, communication, hyperactivity and impulsivity. He has a lot of attention-seeking behavior and is highly excitable. As he is unable to speak clearly, some of his speech is muffled leading to frustrations in expressing himself at times. His attention span is very little and he moves around a lot in the home sessions.
His progress (Jan-2021) - He is communicating slightly better with people he is familiar with. He needs more help in behaviour management. Hence parents have decided to stop the program with Darrasa to focus their funds on behavior therapy.


Qn: Do you have PayNow?
Ans: Yes. We will need you to register and fill up a simple form. You will receive an email containing the various payment methods, including HitPay (PayNow).
Click on this link or go to https://vimeo.com/461318439/7320cdbfe7#t=50s view the video on How to Pay via HitPay (PayNow).

No mobile number or UEN number will be provided. Instructions will be shown during checkout.

  • If you are using a computer to checkout:

    • Step 1: Launch your digibank app.

    • Step 2: Tap on ‘Scan & Pay'

    • Step 3: Scan the QR Code displayed on the computer screen and follow the remaining instructions

  • If you are using a mobile phone to checkout:

    • Step 1: At the payment page, capture a screenshot of the QR Code.

    • Step 2: Launch your digibank app.

    • Step 3: Tap on ‘PHOTO LIBRARY'

    • Step 4: Select the screenshot of the QR Code that you captured earlier and follow the remaining instructions

Qn: Will i get an acknowledgement after i register and make payment?
Ans: Yes.
  • For PayNow (via HitPay), you will get a confirmation email after your transaction is successful.

  • For Bank Transfers (Internet Banking), please reply to the registration email (Email subject is: [Infaq.SG - Infaq] (#Infaq85-XXXXX-XXXXXXXX) Darrasa's Special-Needs Education )) with the screenshot of the transfer transaction so that we can update our system and send you the confirmation email. Please ensure that the screenshot contains the Recipient's bank account number and amount.

  • For cheques, we will send you the confirmation email once the cheque is cleared.

Qn: I've made payment via Bank Transfer (Internet Banking). I have not received the confirmation email. Why?
Ans: Have you replied to the registration email (Email subject is: [Infaq.SG - Infaq] (#Infaq85-XXXXX-XXXXXXXX) Darrasa's Special-Needs Education )) with the bank transfer screenshot?
  • If no, please email so we can update the system & send you the confirmation email.

  • If yes, Thank you. We will update & send you the confirmation email.

Qn: What is my registration id?
Ans: Your registration id is in this format Infaq85-XXXXX-XXXXXXXX. You can get this information in the registration email.

For inquiries, you may email us at info@infaq.sg or WhatsApp us at 9118 3997.

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