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CARE & FEED the Vulnerable In Sri Lanka



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Ends: January 01, 2022

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Project Status: Closed

Sri Lanka

No. of Winter Package Sponsored: 87

No. of Winter Package Distributed: 87

Above information is updated on of 19th of Jan 2022.

COVID-19 is estimated to have intensely increased the number of people facing serious food insecurity in 2020 & 2021.

People in the communities are suffering without jobs and their livelihoods are becoming cluttered as local companies close and numerous workstations remain locked in Sri Lanka. Panic is spreading in the homes of women-headed families, and the children of these families are increasingly suffering from hunger.

In addition to that, due to shortages of milk in the local markets, families with infants and children under the age of 5 are facing severe hardships and Mother and Child care centers are isolated without medical and nutrition support.

It is essential that those vulnerable families are looked after and prioritized during humanitarian relief and aid.

Each Winter Package (Sri Lanka) includes:
Food Pack
Hygiene & Sanitisation Kit
Baby Milk Supplements


We have completed our distribution of 87 Winter Packages to the families in Thoppur Villages, Sri Lanka on 10-Feb-2022.
CARE & FEED the Vulnerable In Sri Lanka<br />
 - Distribution on 10 February 2022

CARE & FEED the Vulnerable In Sri Lanka<br />
 - Distribution on 10 February 2022


Payment can be made in the following ways:
  1. By PayNow via HitPay - Click on this link or go to https://vimeo.com/461318439/7320cdbfe7#t=50s view the video on How to Pay via HitPay (PayNow).

  2. By Bank Transfer

  3. By Paypal / Debit card / Credit card

  4. By Cheque

  5. Please contact us at info@infaq.sg or WhatsApp us at 9118 3997 after registration to schedule
  6. Walk-in to our office @ 71 Ubi Road 1 #10-47 (Lift Lobby 4) Oxley Bizhub Singapore 408732 (By appointment only)


Qn: Will i get an acknowledgement after i register and make payment?
Ans: Yes.
  • For PayPal, you will get a confirmation email after your Paypal and HitPay transaction is successful.

  • For Bank Transfers, please reply to the registration email (Email subject is: [Infaq.SG - Infaq] (#Infaq112-XXXXX-XXXXXXXX) CARE & FEED the Vulnerable In Sri Lanka) )) with the screenshot of the transfer transaction so that we can update our system and send you the confirmation email. Please ensure that the screenshot contains the UEN/Recipient's bank account number and amount.

  • For cheques, we will send you the confirmation email once the cheque is cleared.

Qn: I've made payment via PayNow and Bank Transfers. I have not received the confirmation email. Why?
Ans: Have you replied to the registration email (Email subject is: [Infaq.SG - Infaq] (#Infaq112-XXXXX-XXXXXXXX) CARE & FEED the Vulnerable In Sri Lanka) )) with the bank transfer screenshot?
  • If no, please email so we can update the system & send you the confirmation email.

  • If yes, Thank you. We will update & send you the confirmation email.

Qn: What is my Registration ID?
Ans: Your Registration ID is in this format Infaq112-XXXXX-XXXXXXXX. You can get this information in the registration email.

For inquiries, you may email us at info@infaq.sg or WhatsApp us at 9118 3997.

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