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Mass Masjid & Musollah Clean-up 1436H / 2015



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In the name of Allah S.W.T the most merciful and kind, peace and blessings be to Prophet Muhammad S.A.W, his family, his companions and the teachers that came before us and present.

Assalammualaikum wr wb,

Dear Sir/Mdm,

Musollah.com (founded and managed by Islamicevents.sg) has played an important role in collecting and organizing the data of the various musollahs made available throughout Singapore since 2007.

As part of our extended efforts in rallying the community together to care for these musollahs, in 2013 we launched a Mass Musollah clean-up nationwide to much success, alhamdulillah. This year, we will be organizing a similar event - only better - by including in our list 7 masjids that we are keen to lend a hand to prior to this year's Ramadhan.

This activity will be organised on

Saturday/ 06 June 2015 (2 weeks before Ramadhan)
Time: 930AM - 6PM

Contributions for this program will channelled to purchasing necessary equipments and organising this activity.

List of items that requires funds:

1) Organisation of this event
2) Refreshments for Volunteers
3) Purchasing cleaning equipments like detergent, air fresheners, etc.
4) Printing of Musollah logo and qiblat direction.
5) Transportation of items. Van rental, petrol, diesel, coupons, etc.
6) Stationaries and Files
7) Venue rental (if its a mosque, the funds will be donated to the mosque)

How to contribute?

Step 1) Please register and state the amount that you wish to contribute. Your names will be kept anonymous however we require it on the back end for accounting purposes. Your data is safe on our secured servers.

Step 2) Payments

i) By Bank Transfer

You may register your details and transfer to our account at DBS Current Account - 048 902262 0.

ii) Cash / Nets

You may want to drop by our office @ 67 Ubi Road 1 #10-14 Oxley Bizhub S(408730) and pass to us by hand.
Office hours: Monday to Friday: 10.30am to 7pm, Saturday: 10am to 1pm. Sunday and public holidays: OFF
Please call to make arrangements at 6871 8744 extension 3

iii) By Debit / Credit / Paypal

You may just make payment online via this following option.

iv) Despatch collection

If you wish for us to come collect the cash from you at your home/office, please make arrangements at 6871 8744 extension 3

Current Raised Amount (est)

through Infaq.SG
SGD $5,807.50
SGD $5,000
From 22 Apr 2015

Campaign has ended.

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